Voted one of the Best Christian Films in 2019, “A Promise to Astrid’ – produced by Bridgeport’s Jason Campbell and filmed primarily in the city – has reached 10 million views on Amazon Prime.
The JC Films project stars Dean Cain, JoAnn F. Peterson, Jeremy Gladen and Luba Hansen and is the second JC Films project shot in Bridgeport. Some scenes were filmed at Bridgeport United Methodist Church, where the movie premiered May 9-10, 2019.
Country Living Magazine named “A Promise to Astrid” one of the best Christian movies coming to theaters in 2019. The locally-made film was among the top three, along with Stephen Baldwin’s “The Least of These” and Tim Tebow’s “Run the Race.”
“A Promise to Astrid” is based on a true story written by Mike Tourville, who came to know Astrid as a neighbor and friend in their small Massachusetts hometown. The elderly woman left a legacy worthy of sharing as she led a life of helping others through a series of acts of kindness; many anonymously.
Jason Campbell, president of JC Films, writes, co-writes, produces and sometimes directs the projects. Before “A Promise to Astrid,” he filmed some of the holiday movie, “Megan’s Christmas Miracle” in Bridgeport. Since then, he has made “A Child of the King” and “The Zombie Club” and the most recent, the faith-based police drama, “Dispatched.”
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