Mark Garner remembers businesses like Reeps Pharmacy and Helmicks Market sponsoring Little League teams when he was growing up in the 1960s and ‘70s.
“Through the years, businesses have stepped up and wanted the community to do well. And I think that’s the whole thing that typifies Bridgeport,” he said.
Now owners of Climatrol, Inc., Garner and his brother Rod have found a unique opportunity to support Bridgeport athletics. That opportunity came by way of Bridgeport High School All-Sports Boosters President Sam Olivio.
“Sam called me this past summer and said they were having air conditioning problems at the (Bridgeport High School) concession stand … We met down there and I saw the Coke machines and all the things that produced heat and saw that the present (HVAC) system was inadequate,” Mark Garner said. “I talked to my brother Rod and said let’s do something for the high school and boosters. So, we installed the ductless mini split system and I think it’s worked out well.”
Olivio said prior to the installation of the new HVAC unit, working in the concession stand during hot months was unbearable. Having the problem fixed without the major expense is a win-win.
“Everything we do in this building and all the money we raise through fundraising is for the kids and that would have been a huge expense,” he said. “We would have had to take the money and utilize it to pay for this expense, but Climatrol stepped up. And that allows us to continue to take the money we raise in the concession stand and give it to the children of Bridgeport.”
Garner said It’s just a continuation of that great support system that surrounds the community of Bridgeport.
“Rod and I both went to Bridgeport High School. Rod’s kids did and mine did and still do,” he said. “The town and community have been so good to us for 54 years. We wanted to give back.”
The photo shows Garner giving Olivio a receipt for equipment and labor valued at $8,000. The BHS All-Sports Boosters supports all athletic teams of BHS. To become a member, complete an application and return, with check, to the address indicated.