Also known as Boba tea, Tapioca tea or Pearl milk tea, bubble tea has become a popular worldwide sweet treat.
Now it’s coming to Bridgeport.
To open at Meadowbrook Mall’s food court later in just a couple weeks is Bubble World, specializing in bubble tea, rolled ice cream, hand-dipped ice cream, shakes and smoothies – all in a variety of refreshing flavors. Ice cream can be served in a cup, a cone or – only available at Bubble World – a bubble waffle.
“During this hot weather, it’s going to be a good thing when shopping around the mall to be able to order ice cream or other nice dessert,” said Co-Owner Ahmed Zayyan.
Zayyan and his partners, a brother and two friends, already own a Bubble World at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Established nine months ago, it has become a popular sweet spot in the area, he said.
“We were doing pretty well there and thought maybe we could open a second branch,” he said.
The Bridgeport area seemed ideal for expansion of the Bubble World business venture.
“I’m pretty sure most everyone knows about bubble tea, but when checking around the area, we couldn’t find anyplace else selling it,” Zayyan said.
As he also co-owns the T-shirt Kiosk at Meadowbrook Mall, he already knew that the mall folks were good to work with and that they offered their tenants plenty of support. The large area served was also a beneficial factor.
“The mall not only serves the community, but different counties around us and I think it’s going to be a good thing,” he said.
A tea-based drink shaken to create the bubbles with tapioca balls or bursting bubble flavors of mango, strawberry, peach or blueberry for an added “bubble” sensation, bubble tea was the main draw at the Ohio store.
“We sell milk bubble tea and fruit bubble tea – with more than 10 flavors available in both categories,” Zayyan said.
But he and his partners were pleasantly surprised to learn that their unique ice cream desserts would draw just as many customers.
Rolled ice cream, described by Zayyan, is ice cream churned inside a rotating cylinder while being frozen, keeping it soft and trapping air inside. It is then frozen into a roll.
“You choose a base like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, then add fruits and other toppings,” he said. With toppings including – but certainly not limited to – strawberries, bananas, chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers and Oreos, a variety of treats can be assembled.
Hand-dipped ice cream is available in the main flavors, plus cookie dough, chocolate mint, cookies & cream, black raspberry and cotton candy, among others.
Fruit bubble teas are available in mango, strawberry, pineapple, peach, passion fruit, raspberry, lemon, lychee, banana and caramel with milk tea options including taro, matcha, thai-chai, coconut, vanilla, honey dew, coffee, mango, strawberry and pineapple.
Bubble World will be located at the former Zul’s Frozen Lemonade storefront, just inside the mall doors which open into the food court.
“Right now, we are in the last phase of construction and very soon we’ll be adding signs,” said Zayyan, listing new floors, installation of

and general refurbishing among work included in the construction.

Targeted opening date is Aug. 1.