Editor’s Note: Many residents have indicated they are participating in Bridgeport’s “Bear Hunt.” A list of streets follows this story. Did we miss your street or neighborhood? Email julie@connect-bridgeport.com.
A 1989 children’s picture book has come to life during the current COVID-19 quarantine.
Some Bridgeport neighborhoods have implemented their own “bear hunt” based on “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen/Helen Oxenbury.
The idea, said Krista Neely, is for residents to place stuffed teddy bears in their windows and families who walk by can hunt for the bears, tallying up their totals.
“I saw where a friend of mine from Alabama shared it on Facebook and thought it would be fun,” said Neely, who lives on Stout Street. “I see so many people out right now, families walking together, and thought it would be fun.”
She shared the idea with families in her area.
“Everyone liked it and was on board,” she said. “I can already see from our house where some people have placed bears.”
Neely and three-year-old son Parker and 10-month-old son Connor will be among those participating in the neighborhood bear hunt that is planned for a day this week when the weather cooperates.
Anna Matheny and her Briarwood neighborhood already had their bear hunt. Sunday, she and her daughters, 6-year-old Tori and 10-year-old Lily counted 36 bears, but she since found out there were more than 50 in hiding.
Matheny also saw the idea on Facebook, on a quarantine activity page. She and her neighbors already had an established Facebook group, so she posted the idea and everyone was quickly on board. Kids and adults participated in the neighborhood activity.
“Some people really got creative, hiding bears in the bushes. It was really cute,” she said. “I didn’t expect that.”
Both Neely and Matheny also suggested another activity that could be encouraging and uplifting to walkers and motorists.
“I’ve seen where kids are writing positive chalk messages on driveways, so people can see them when they go by,” Neely said.
She and her kids have also been writing postcards to grandparents and others who are on lockdown, as well as painting and hiding rocks.
A list of participating streets follows. See a Bridgeport street map HERE.

Arbor Court

Archwood Ave.

Arrowood Drive

Ashford Drive

Bartlett Ave.

Blair Court

Briarwood Development

Briercliff Road

Brightridge Drive

Brookview Drive

Carriage Court – Olde Farm

Circle Drive

Cole Ave.


David Street

Davisson Street

Driftwood Road

East Shannon Road

Easy Street

Elm Drive

Front Street

Garden Circle

Glen Ave.

Hall Street

James Street

Jefferson Street

Jones Avenue

Lawman Avenue

Layman Avenue

Long Street

Main Street

Maple Avenue

Maple Lake

Meadowcreek Development

Milbrook Road

North Street

Oak Lane, Bridgeport Gardens


Overlook Drive

Pearcy Ave.

Pennsylvania Avenue

Pinewood Ave.

Ridgeway Drive

Rosewood Court

Salisbury Circle

Shearwood Forest

Sherwood Road

South Virginia Ave./The Square

Stout Street

Sussex Court

Valley Drive

Vista Drive

West Olive Street

Westwood Ave.

Woodbrook Lane

Woodland Drive

Worthington Dr. and Worthington Village

Shinnston residents report that the city is also participating in the bear hunt.

Residents on the following streets have indicated they have Easter eggs hidden/displayed for children and families to spot while out walking/driving:

Brightridge Drive
Hall Street
Vista Drive
Woodbrook Lane
Add your street by emailing julie@connect-bridgeport.com.
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