Bridgeport is competitive.
That’s old news.
Bridgeport could win $50,000 in cash, a couple hundred FitBits, free personalized nutrition counseling and virtual classes – from Yoga and Tai Chi to Cardio and Zumba to Stretch, Anxiety and Meditation.
That is new news.
To make all this mesh, Health Games Team Bridgeport – under the coaching of Abby Veigel – needs everyone to get on board. If you want to see our community win this competition between North Central West Virginia communities, click HERE and pledge your support.
The Health Games is an initiative of Healthy Harrison. It’s a three-prong approach involving mind, movement and eating.
Here’s how it all works:
Next Friday, Sept. 25, team captains of each participating community will pitch a proposal – a thought-out plan for how the winnings would be used to make their city healthier. The winning city/community will be awarded the prize and this fall and winter, implement its own unique programs.
Bodies and minds would become healthier, pounds and blood pressure could be dropped, immunities would be stronger, and lives would be overall healthier and happier – all at no charge to you, our residents.
Now, come on.
This is BIG.
Bridgeport has been known to play tough on the football, soccer and baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts. Bridgeport backs its people. Bridgeport never disappoints.
So, please take a few seconds to get on board with this exciting initiative.
Hopefully, much more information will be coming your way soon.
Facebook users, like The Health Games Team Bridgeport Facebook page HERE.
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