There is a whole lot of activity taking place in the Market Place at Bridgeport on a number of business fronts. And coming up soon will be a new local restaurant that is expanding throughout the region.
Metro Property Management’s David Biafora, whose company develops the Market Place, has confirmed that Casa D’Amici will be heading there likely this year. Biafora said the restaurant will be located in the same building that houses Don Patron and Stone Tower Brews.
“It will be to the right of Don Patron’s,” said Biafora. “We’re excited for them to be coming. They have great food.”
Casa D’Amici is a pizzeria restaurant. They also “offer everything you could ask for in Italian cuisine.”
“They’re in Morgantown and at Pierpont landing as well as White Hall and they are doing incredible business,” said Biafora. “He’s got a great product, and that’s why you see them growing.”
Along with their signature pizza, there is plenty of additional Italian offerings on the menu. Casa D’Amici serves various types of pasta, calzones, salads, hero sandwiches, as well as desserts and appetizers.
“I think they will do well here, particularly with their proximity to White Oaks, the FBI, and (United Hospital Center),” said Biafora. “The numbers they have been producing as they grow are huge.”
Biafora said the restaurant is not just for people looking to pick up lunch or eat in a hurry. He said they will offer sit-down service.
Editor’s Note: Photos are from the Casa D’Amici Facebook page.