Collection week is still on for Nov. 16-23, but the women at Simpson Creek Baptist Church are getting a jump start on a global project of

Shoe boxes are being filled by the hundreds for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas child because of a very large bundle of gifts that have arrived.
“One person has brought almost all of this – stuffed animals, dolls, cars, toys, puzzles and 1,000 coloring books,” said Debbie Mount, pointing out totes and bags full of items any child would love.
The individual, Mount said, has been active in Operation Christmas Child for several years. She is also active in Little Lambs’ Closet, an outreach project and fundraiser for Heritage Christian Church. Due to COVID-19, the fall sale was cancelled, so some of the items earmarked for the event trickled down to help OCC.
The lot of items also included 18 cartons of books, part of which were shared with Genesis Youth Crisis Center which lost its library due to water damage.
The smaller books are being tucked into shoe boxes, along with items listed above and school supplies, crayons and other additional items.
Boxes are filled with gender and age of children in mind. Monday, the women were filling boxes for children ages 5-9.
“It’s just all coming together,” Mount said.
The anonymous giver provides the large amount of items every year, but typically she and her helpers assemble the boxes and delivery during collection week. But this year, because many of her helpers are elderly and unable, she wasn’t able to assemble the boxes. The SCBC members were happy to do the honors.
The project will be a nice jump start to Operation Christmas Child season and the late-November collection week. Churches, schools, organizations and individuals are welcome to get on board and supply filled shoe boxes which will eventually be delivered to children in need around the world.
Mount said collection week will likely incorporate some changes due to the pandemic, but it will happen. She and the women packing the boxes have faith it will all work out. Even before packing boxes and Monday morning, they stopped to give thanks for the items and asked for blessings upon the children receiving them.
OCC boxes can be picked up at the Simpson Creek Baptist Church office. Standard cardboard and plastic shoeboxes can be filled, too. For more information on OCC, visit the Web site HERE.
A good way to get involved and help immediately is to donate money to be used to ship the boxes already being assembled. Those donations can be dropped off or mailed to Simpson Creek Baptist Church, 231 Philadelphia Avenue, Bridgeport, WV 26330. It costs $9 per shoebox for the shipping/distribution process.
Editor’s Note: Pictured are Debbie Mount, Sharon Jones, Shirley Hadorn and Barbara Brunett. Other women and men have been helping with the project.