Monte Small of Crestview Terrace in Bridgeport has won the $400 cash prize in the 2022 Light Up our City contest.
Small received the third weekly “Sleighed It” award, making him eligible for the grand prize.
Also receiving “Sleighed It” awards this year were the Linch family of Worthington Drive and the Leach family of Woodbrook Lane. (Both are pictured below.)
Light Up Our City is sponsored by Card My Yard Bridgeport, the Associated Businesses of Bridgeport and Connect-Bridgeport.
There is still time to drive around the city and see the decorated homes. Those who signed up for the program this year are listed on the map which can be found by clicking on the “Plan Your Trip” icon at the lower right on the Greater Bridgeport CVB site¬†or on the Visit Bridgeport app available at your app store.
Sponsors want to thank all who entered and encourage others to jump on board for the 2023 contest. Merry Christmas to all!