After a late-Wednesday afternoon U-pick at The Wild Sonflower at Cronin Farm, our spirits were high, and we wanted to make an evening of our time in Jane Lew. My friend Kim and I ventured to Lambert’s Vintage Wines for Pizza Night.  Upon arriving, we saw people gathered around several white-covered tables tucked in a partially shaded nook between buildings. Folks were talking, laughing, and enjoying wine and pizzas cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven. We scanned the crowd and saw some familiar faces, who invited us to join them.
A server came and took our order of pizza with toppings of spinach, pepperoni & pepper rings, as well as a cheese plate and a variety of vino. White varieties include the crisp Seyval, mild Pinot Grigio, delicate Riesling, earthy Chardonnay, and Niagara, which has the flavor of fresh-picked grapes. Reds range from the pungent and spicy Cabernet, earthy Merlot, natural Blackberry, and the full fruity Fredonia. Rounding out the options are the rich White Zinfandel and light Catawba, both blush in color. Wines are purchased by the bottle.
Of course, there were other beverage options for attendees of all ages. And each age group was well represented. There were young families with children, elderly couples, and everyone in between. There were birthdays and anniversaries being celebrated. As for our table, we declared girls’ night. Live music was provided by The Stone Creek Band, which delivered country and southern rock. Some got up and danced; others enjoyed the music from their seats as some sang along. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy. The scenery was lovely.
Established by Jim and Debbie Lambert in 1992, the winery is lovely, made from hand-cut stones gathered from around West Virginia. Window boxes feature flowers, as do a garden surrounding a picturesque pond and waterfall. Vintage wines, by the way, are wines made from grapes harvested during a single growing season. The gift shop features wines and related items, as well as WV pottery. Tours are available by calling 304-269-4903. Learn more and stay up to date on special events at
This Wed., Aug. 9 is the next pizza night. The event is open 5-9 p.m. and special music will be provided by “Kowboyz.” Lamberts Vintage Wines is located just past Jackson’s Mill in Jane Lew, about 35 miles from Bridgeport.
Julie Perine can be reached at 304-848-7200 ext. 2 or
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