After a successful seven-year stint with his business, Country Roads Security, Bridgeport’s Ben Riley has pursued another business venture: Country Roads Detailing.
“We were already in the upfitting business with the security company and had some commercial clients for detail work, so offering it to the public seemed fitting,” Riley said. “We already had the tools, the garage and the capability.”
Country Roads Detailing is located at 248 Wonder Bar Road, Clarksburg. The business, which officially opened April 1, offers a variety of services from private auto and truck to light, medium and heavy commercial. Upfitting, including logos, cell boosters, GPS, cameras and other upgrades are available too.
To schedule an appointment, call 304-841-4515. Country Roads Detailing does offer pickup and delivery service, Riley said
A 1996 graduate of Bridgeport High School, Ben worked 17-plus years in law enforcement. Some of that experience was gained in Wisconsin, Colorado and Utah, but most recently he was employed by the West Virginia of Natural Resources.
When he opened Country Roads Security in 2017, his primary clients were oil and gas companies.
“We still do a lot of work for these clients, guarding their equipment,” he said.
The business also offers hotel security.
“This is a service we can offer our local hotels, providing security and enforcing hotel rules, making sure things don’t get out of hand,” he said.
The security business employs about 35 full-time and part-time employees. Though the security business services a particular clientele, the detailing business is something everyone can take advantage of.
“We’re taking on new clients. Everybody needs detailing and upfitting work,” Riley said. “Give us a call. We are here and we are a local company.”