Located on Route 50 East near Maple Lake, Maple Valley Meat Market is beginning a new era. Founder and longtime owner Isaac Thomas is passing the reins to new owners.
“We are all really excited about it. Isaac a great guy who has a great business. We’ve been learning from him and he’s going to stay on briefly as he passes the torch,” said Ben Hanlan, who has purchased the business along with his wife Kristen and business partner/godfather Steve Wilson.
Hanlan said he’s always looking for a good opportunity and he had various reasons for buying the popular store/eatery/butcher shop.
“One of my main motivations in getting it was that I didn’t want it to change. I love what Isaac has created. I’ve gone there frequently myself,” he said.” So there won’t be any change, necessarily, but some growth and additions.”
Also, Hanlan has always had interest in the restaurant business.
“I have 10 years-plus experience in the restaurant industry. From age 16 through college, I was involved in a restaurant in one way, shape or form. From working in the kitchen to bussing and working tables. I’ve done it all,” he said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”
Hanlan will bring his experience with Garfield’s, Pete Dye, and Oliverio’s on the Wharf – among others – to the iconic Maple Valley Meat Market.
The facility will be closed for a week as the new owners do some minor interior work, organize inventory and make various other preparations. They will re-open on April 15 and they look forward to this new era for Maple Valley Meat Market.
One goal Hanlan has is to build upon the catering foundation that Thomas began.
“And not real soon, but we will probably bring breakfast back and we’re evenly looking at possibly doing dinner,” Hanlan said.
The new owners will observe the traditional operating hours of 9 a.m. through 7 p.m. The Hanlans, who live at Maple Lake, look forward to serving the community.