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For those visiting Bridgeport who have already sampled the city’s fare or those who are residents of the city and beyond looking for a trip for a new of different culinary experience, here’s a recent edition of WDTV’s Tasty Tuesday segment. This restaurant, not even a year old, is right in the heart of Bridgeport.
It’s a modern look with a nutritious, fulfilling and healthy menu.
Welcome to Winnie’s on East Main Street in Bridgeport. Doors here first opened April 1.
Brandi Post is the owner. She had the perfect picture painted in her head for what she wanted when she decided she wanted to create the restaurant.
“I had in my head exactly what I wanted and the mindset of what I wanted, and how I wanted to attract clients,” Post said. “I wanted a clean, very modern cafe.”
She also owns Main Street Fitness right next door.
Winnie’s menu serves up a variety of healthy options packed with nutrients and savory flavors. The menu giving you a great way to refuel after a workout or just have an appetizing lunch.
On the drink menu, there’s a variety of protein shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed lemonade.
For Post, the dream of opening a restaurant wasn’t something she always had in the back of her mind.
“I never had the dream to open up something like this, but after opening up Main Street Fitness, I kind of got the drive to open something else,” Post said. “That’s when I had faith and opened this up.”
The name of her newest business has a special place in her heart.
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Editor’s Note: Photos from Winnie’s Facebook page.