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For those visiting Bridgeport who have already sampled the city’s fare or those who are residents of the city and beyond looking for a trip for a new of different culinary experience, here’s a recent edition of WDTV’s Tasty Tuesday segment. This restaurant, not even a year old, is 23 miles as the crow flies from Bridgeport, but a little more than a 30-minute road trip by heading south on I-79 and then taking U.S. 33 to get you most of the way.
Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that’s unique, fulfilling, and is offered in several different styles.
The National Day Calendar credits a Greek physician for discovering the treat thousands of years ago.
In modern times it’s a popular dessert item found on several menus, including at a Buckhannon restaurant that serves up Greek and Italian food.
Alfredo’s opened in Buckhannon around nine months ago. It’s one of four locations in West Virginia, including in Lewisburg, Summersville and Marlinton.
It’s co-owner moved here from Egypt close to three years ago and saw an opportunity in Buckhannon to offer the community a new taste.
“Buckhannon didn’t have any Italian or Greek food,” said co-owner Salama El Gharabawy. “We’re happy that we came here.”
It’s located just down the street from Buckhannon Upshur Middle School. They’ll also offer delivery soon.
Their menu has mostly Italian cuisine offerings and will soon expand to include more Greek options.
“We have pasta, pizza – whatever pizza you want. Spaghetti, ravioli, manicotti, and a mix of pasta.”
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Editor’s Note: Photos from Alfredo’s of Buckhannon Facebook page.