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Getting phone calls from Bridgeport residents and even beyond isn’t totally unusual for Community Development Director Andrea Kerr. Getting calls from several counties away, however, isn’t the norm.
Such, however, has become the case with the Annual Bridgeport City-Wide Yard Sale. Kerr, as well as others involved with the city, are often bombarded with questions about its status.
“It’s been pretty non-stop,” said Kerr. “(Wednesday) I was on the phone with someone from Braxton County planning on coming up. I’ve got a bunch of calls locally and from Marion, Taylor and the surrounding counties, but the Braxton County call was a first this year.”
The official time of the event will be from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. this Saturday (August 3). As is always the case, residents can start earlier or later and can go as long as they wish.
“That’s the time we recognize, but it’s up to the resident,” said Kerr.
The event has become a fairly massive one in Bridgeport. The reason for that is that not only are local residents involved in coming to the sales in their community, but folks from well beyond Harrison County also make the trek to the city.
Kerr has said the numbers total well into the thousands each year. And she expects more of the same.
“We have roughly 100 registered for the event, actually 99, and we would have had more,” said Kerr. “I had several residents contact me after the flyers were printed showing where homes are at that are having sales. Last year, we had 102 register so we’re at the same place and that means likely a very large crowd.”
Kerr is asking for those visiting the city or residents who take part to be courteous. Once again, the Bridgeport Police will be out trying to make the traffic flow on residential streets as smooth as possible. With the number of motorists, it’s not always an easy thing to do.
“The police will be out heavily patrolling the streets and we’re asking everyone to be cognizant of being parked on someone’s property, blocking streets and driveways,” she said. “Please avoid parking in someone’s grass. Courtesy, in this situation, will go a long way.”
Kerr said the total number of homes having sales Saturday will be much higher than the near 100 registered. She said it’s always higher.
“I’m safely going to say you’ll have at least 50 more homes taking part,” said Kerr. “Practically every area of the city has someone involved. It’s turned from a city event into a regional event.”
Click HERE to see PDF of the homes listed as part of the event. The PDF also lists city establishments for individuals looking to stop somewhere for a bite to eat.
Editor’s Note: Photos show past city yard sale events, including the second photo of just how congested traffic can get.